Monday, August 29, 2011

Orly Sweet Peacock

I learned an important lesson today. Always peel the orange before you paint your nails. Man I really wanted that orange. Oh well! To make up for it I have the most incredible blue nail polish that I've used in a time. I let my 3 year old pick out my colors today. He picked this and China Glaze Strawberry Fields for my toes. Orly Sweet Peacock is from the new fall collection. I only picked up two, this one and Fowl Play. I may have to go back and get Sea Gurl. Not sure yet.

This is like blue metal on my nails. This is my favorite finish for polish. Not sure if I really get how fall appropriate it is but I don't really care. This is amazing and I will wear it all year round. Helps I live in Phoenix and it's sunny pretty much all the time 8)

Now on to the photos. I took so many it was hard to choose.

outside shade

outside full sun

outside full sun

I just can't get over how sparkly Sweet Peacock is! What do you think?

PS* I just had to show you the funniest bottle of nail polish I picked up this weekend at Ulta. This just made me laugh and laugh. I love it!