Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sparkles by Julie Purple Pansy

Hey guys!  You all know that Sparkles by Julie is one of my favorite indies.  So I was terribly sad to hear she is closing up shop.  On the positive side she ran a great sale and a lovely friend of mine picked up a couple of her polishes I had been wanting.  Today I have Purple Pansy to show you.  This is a light purple with white and gold glitters in it.  Honestly I'm still not sure what I think of this polish on me.  The quality is good though.  This is three coats with topcoat.  I got all sorts of bubbles from my topcoat.  Not sure what caused it.  Both pictures were taken outside in cloudy conditions.

Like I said I'm still very undecided as to what I think of this polish on me.  However I do have  a few other Sparkles to show you still.

Until next time...


*I've got the stomach flu so please insert your own funny disclaimer here.*

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Gosh Miss Minty & A England She Walks in Beauty

Hello!  So a while back I bought A England She Walks in Beauty on a whim.  Then it sat and sat in my untrieds because I didn't know what to wear it with.  I saw it on another blog paired with a sage/mint green and it was gorgeous.  I just new I had to wear this combo.  Sadly I can't remember what blog I saw it on to credit them but just know this isn't my original idea, although I think their gradient was going the other way.  This is two coats of GOSH Miss Minty.  If I was wearing it by itself I would have added another coat for sure.  Then I used an eyeshadow applicator to sponge on some She Walks in Beauty.  I really like this combo but I still think I'm looking for the perfect polish for under She Walks.  If you have any suggestions please leave me a comment.

I hope you all have a great Tuesday!  Talk with you soon.


*I purchased both these polishes myself.  GOSH came from Las Vegas where Mr. MLiP was letting me buy pretty much whatever I wanted.  Gotta love being able to walk anywhere with your beer.  It must make you not pay attention to your wife's spending.*

Sunday, March 24, 2013

China Glaze Fancy Pants

 Good morning!  Today I have my favorite polish from the Avant Garden collection.  This beauty is Fancy Pants.  Let me start by saying that my photos do not do this polish justice.  Fancy Pants is a gorgeous blue with a pink shimmer.  This is two coats of an amazing formula.  I decided to do a simple accent nail using the corner of scotch tape.  The pink I used is China Glaze Hang Ten Toes from the summer neon collection.

I seriously can't express how much I love this polish.  I love it so much I gave a sneak peek on my facebook page and I don't usually do that.  Do you have any favorites from this collection?

Until next time lovlies :)


*I bought this polish with my own money.  Just kidding, I used Mr. MLiP's money.*

Friday, March 22, 2013

China Glaze Keep Calm, Paint On

Hey guys!  Just a quick post today as my head is killing me after yesterday's procedure and I figure you probably don't want to listen to me whine about it.  These are a couple of my picks from the China Glaze Avant Garden collection.  The main color is Keep Calm, Paint On, a pale mint shimmer.  It went on in two coats and was seriously perfect.  My accent nail is China Glaze Dandy Lyin' Around, a white glass fleck.  It's super pretty but kind of sheer.  It took three coats to look good.  I added dots using China Glaze Fancy Pants and Keep Calm, Paint On.  Both these pictures were taken in the sun.  All my shade shots made me fingers look so red.  Sorry about that.

I hope you all have a great Friday.  Until next time...


Monday, March 18, 2013

SoFlaJo White Sensation

Overcast skies
 Hey look!  I do remember where to find my blog :)  Sorry for the absence guys.  Life has been insane and just got in the way of blogging.  I'm back to day with SoFlaJo White Sensation.  I've wanted this polish for a while and recently found it on a blog sale, so I snatched it up.  White Sensation is a shimmery, matte white.  It took three coats to not be streaky and reach a level of opaqueness I was comfortable with.  The formula was really easy to control.  I stamped on an accent nail using Kleancolor Metallic Aqua and Green and Mash plate 35.  These Kleancolor Metallics stamp so well.  Definitely need to get my hands on some more of these.

I love a good white polish no matter the finish.  Do you like mattes?  What is your favorite?  Until next time friends...


*I bought this polish myself from a super awesome blog sale.  No this wasn't the only one I bought.  I didn't want it to be lonely on the trip to AZ.*

Monday, March 11, 2013

Orly High on Hope

Hello and happy Monday!  Did you all have a nice weekend?  We did.  Hung out with friends, did some car shopping.  All in all not too bad.  Today I have the super pretty Orly High on Hope from their new spring collection.  I couldn't be more in love with this polish.  A lot of times this type of finish is disappointing to me.  Not this one.  It's a gorgeous blue with a pretty pink shimmer.  The formula was great, just two coats for a perfect finish.  All the photos have topcoat on them.

This color was so hard to photograph.  Do you see the pink shimmer in the bottle of the above picture? That pink was very obvious on my nails, even if it didn't want to come out in my photos.

Honestly I love everything about this polish.  I didn't even mind the new Orly bottles.  I will definitely be wearing this again on my fingers and on my toes.  I need to pick up a few more from this collection. They did a great job!  Have you gotten your hands on any yet?


*I bought this polish myself on the very first day the collection was out.  Pretty sure the ladies at my Sally's think I'm nuts*

Friday, March 8, 2013

LynBDesigns Don't Torture Me

Hello!  This is my 250th post.  Hard to believe that I've stuck with this for that long.  I really wanted to make this post a giveaway but it's pouring outside and I can't take any photos so keep an eye out for my giveaway next week.  Today I have a polish that I am absolutely over the moon in love with.  This is LynBDesigns Don't Torture Me.  It's a light blue that looks purple sometimes depending on the light.  Maybe periwinkle would be a good color to describe it.  It has white flakies in it that give it a really cool depth.  I suck at describing things so look at the pictures then go directly to get your own bottle :)

The formula of Don't Torture Me was great.  Even, opaque coverage in three coats.  Plenty of flakies with each dip into the bottle.  You can find LynBDesigns on etsy and facebook.  She's always running sales so be sure to give her a like on facebook.  I hope you all have a great weekend.  Feel free to stop by my facebook page and share your weekend manis.


*I bought this polish myself.  Pretty sure I have an etsy shopping problem.  Surprised Mr. MLiP hasn't blocked the site on the computer yet.  Probably shouldn't give him any ideas.*

Monday, March 4, 2013

Color Club Wild Cactus

Good morning!  How was everyone's weekend?  I'm happy to say I played basketball with my boys and didn't break any nails this time.  Yay me!  Today I have Color Club Wild Cactus for your viewing pleasure.  I *think* this is from their spring collection this year but not completely sure.  I picked it up from Birchbox while using some of my points.  Color Club had free shipping so it made my whole order ship free.  I'd much rather pay for polish than shipping :)  This is a gorgeous green with a slight teal touch to it.  The formula was outstanding.  Really it was amazing!  Two coats gave me a perfectly opaque, super shiny finish.  I added an accent nail of Feenix Polish Shake Your Tail Feathers.  Sadly Feenix Polish is shutting down.  In fact a few of my favorite indies are shutting down lately and this makes me sad.

You all know I love a good accent nail but I'm curious what you think about them.  Do you rock accent nails or do you think they're tacky?  Have a great Monday and I'll talk to you soon.


*I bought this polish myself as an excuse to not pay shipping on something else.  Seemed smart at the time :)*

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Barielle Sweet Treats Collection

Hey all!  So here is the Barielle Sweet Treats post that I was supposed to get up for you last week.  Sorry for the delay.  Let's dive right in shall we?

This is Lilac Jelly Bean.  It's a dusty purplish grayish type color.  I honestly didn't think I'd like it but one I had it on I really loved it.  Sometimes a good neutral is a great thing.  This had a great formula.  Easy to control, zero cleanup and opaque in two coats.

Next up is Orange Parfait.  I was really excited about this color and then once I had it on I just knew it was not for me.  Inside in regular light it pulls really salmon colored on me.  Not good for my ginger skin.  However the formula was amazing and it was almost perfectly opaque in one coat.

Green Apple Chew is a really bright chartreuse green.  I figured there was no way I was going to enjoy wearing this color.  I was so wrong.  I loved it!  This is three coats because I had a little vnl going on after two.  Again though the formula was easy to control and stayed where I wanted it.

Lastly this is Banana Drop.  A gorgeous pale yellow with an amazing formula.  I know I sound like a broken record but the formula on all of these was fantastic.  This is three coats.  Again not a color I would usually gravite to but once it was on I loved it.  I worn this one for a while.  

The fifth (and my favorite) color from the collection is Blue Cotton which I've already showed you here.  Here's a reminder of it's gorgeousness.

So what do you think of this collection?  I like that it's a little different for a spring collection but still has very soft, pretty colors.  You can purchase Barielle polishes here and give them a like on facebook to keep up to date on sales and new colors.

Thanks for stopping by,


*These polishes were sent to me by the pr company in exchange for my honest reviews.*