Monday, February 25, 2013

Barry M Prickly Pear

Good morning!  How was everyone's weekend?  We had a nice relaxing time.  I had to shorten my nails yesterday after a very intense game of basketball with my 9 yr old.  I broke one and stabbed him with another, so later this week you'll see some shorter nails for a while.  Today I have a polish that I have been wanting since the very first time I saw it.  My only access to Barry M is through Ninja Polish so I had to wait a while.  I finally got my hands on Barry M Prickly Pear from the Gelly line last week. It is a gorgeous light purple with a super shiny formula.  Application was a bit tricky until I figured out how to use it.  This one's got a bit of a learning curve for sure.  I started out with two coats but had to add a third to some nails that had some patchiness.  I decided to add an accent nail using Zoya Mira and my handy striping tape.  Obviously I didn't wait long enough to topcoat and had some smearing but it wasn't as noticeable in real life.

I can't wait to get my hands on some more of these polishes.  I seem to be quite obsessed with light purples right now.  Good thing all the spring lines are coming out now.

Thanks for stopping by!


*I bought this polish myself from Ninja Polish.  Stay away from that site unless you want to spend all your money.*


  1. Very cute look and I wore Mira this weekend too! I must try my striping tape one of these days!

  2. I love it! You come up with such pretty accents. And, I have thus far managed to successfully avoid Ninja Polish, lol.