Monday, March 11, 2013

Orly High on Hope

Hello and happy Monday!  Did you all have a nice weekend?  We did.  Hung out with friends, did some car shopping.  All in all not too bad.  Today I have the super pretty Orly High on Hope from their new spring collection.  I couldn't be more in love with this polish.  A lot of times this type of finish is disappointing to me.  Not this one.  It's a gorgeous blue with a pretty pink shimmer.  The formula was great, just two coats for a perfect finish.  All the photos have topcoat on them.

This color was so hard to photograph.  Do you see the pink shimmer in the bottle of the above picture? That pink was very obvious on my nails, even if it didn't want to come out in my photos.

Honestly I love everything about this polish.  I didn't even mind the new Orly bottles.  I will definitely be wearing this again on my fingers and on my toes.  I need to pick up a few more from this collection. They did a great job!  Have you gotten your hands on any yet?


*I bought this polish myself on the very first day the collection was out.  Pretty sure the ladies at my Sally's think I'm nuts*


  1. Ooohhhhh this is so gorgeous!!!!! I might have to pick this one up!!!

  2. That is a nice polish color... I don't like the new Orly logo, though. It looks like something you'd find on a generic /grocery store brand.

  3. Wow, this is a really gorgeous color!

  4. VERY PRETTY! I actually haven't paid much attention to this collection but I am going to have to go take a closer look. That polish is really pretty.

  5. This looks great! The only color I grabbed from this collection so far is the pink, but I expect I'll get more before too long.