Monday, April 1, 2013

Smitten Naiad

Hello lovlies!  Today I have a polish that I was so excited for that I sold some of my other polishes in order to supplement my polish budget for the month so I could by it.  This pretty, pretty polish is Smitten Naiad.  I was just simply taken by this the minute I saw pictures on Smitten's facebook page.  This blue has the most amazing pink shimmer in it.  This is three coats of Naiad.  The formula and application were good.  It has a jellyish feel to it so that's why it took three coats.  I decided to add Elevation Daisen as an accent nail.  While I'm super excited to have my first circle glitter polish I wish I would have left it off.

Naiad should come with a warning though.  It stained like crazy when I took it off.  I don't usually have to many problems with staining, which is good because I love blues and greens.  Not only did I have smurf fingers after removal my actual nail beds had blue spots on them that were still there a week later.  Now my nails are always painted so it's not like you could see it but it was still weird.  All that being said I'm still going to wear this again because I'm in love with the color and pink shimmer.  All in all I adore my first Smitten and can't wait to pick up more.  Do you have a favorite Smitten polish?

Happy Monday and I'll talk with you soon.


*I purchased both these polishes myself.  Could you hear the squealing coming from Mesa, AZ when I got my Smitten nail mail?*


  1. I LOVE Smitten polishes. I have Chocolate Bunny Soup on right now!!

    That is so strange about the blue spots. Were they on all the nails or just the ones with the circle glitter? I noticed glitter sometimes leaves weird spots on my nails. I don't know why. I don't have either of those polishes yet but hopefully they will come live with me soon.

  2. This is so darned pretty! YYY must blues stain so bad, though? So rude. Also, I really like that glitter! The circles look very cool.