Saturday, November 2, 2013

Different Dimension Good Evening Clarice


So I know Halloween was a few days ago but I really wanted to show you guys the super cool mani I actually wore that day.  This beauty is two coats of Different Dimension Good Evening Clarice layered over Zoya Neely.  GEC is a minty green with a super subtle holo.  Since it was a bit sheer I layered it to give it a bit of a color bump.  GEC is glow in the dark too!  My accent nail is Orly Old School Orange, a rubber finish, with China Glaze Goulish Glow layered on top.  I couldn't handle one nail on each hand not glowing haha.  Then since Mr. MLiP said my green and orange mani wasn't Halloween enough I stamped on a spider from my Mash plates.

I thoroughly enjoyed wearing this mani.  The glow in the dark was so much fun to torment Mr. MLiP with.  Although karma payback for sticking my fingers in his face was the next night I scared myself when I turned out the light and itched my eye.  It was weird to have something glowing by my eye.  I hope you all had an awesome Halloween.  We had lots of fun trick or treating with my boys.

Talk with you soon,



  1. That's one thing I don't have, GITD...which is probably for the best as I'd probably end up doing the same thing.