Friday, March 14, 2014

Zoya Dillon & Rebel

*Purchased by me*

Hello!  Today I have combined two of the new Zoya spring collection polishes into one mani.  I started with a base of Zoya Dillon, the green.  I used two coats but if I hadn't been covering it up with another color I probably would have done three.  Then I used a straight design from Nail Vinyls to mark off where I wanted to put Zoya Rebel, the blue.  Since I didn't wear it on it's own I'm not sure on coats for Rebel but it did seem slightly more opaque than Dillon.  I topped it all of with a quick dry topcoat, Glossy Glam, and this is the result.  I had some polish try to pull up on my index finger just because I didn't wait long enough for it to dry before putting the sticker on it.  I think the topcoat smoothed it out pretty well though.

I knew when Zoya first released bottle shots from this collection that I would need to pick these two up for sure.  They are definitely my kind of colors.  Did you snag any from that collection yet?  What's your favorite?

Until next time...



  1. This is nice! The two go well together :)

  2. these two look so pretty together!! i haven't picked up any from this collection yet, but i just might!

  3. Now this is how to wear this collection! Both colors are perfection on you, Sara <3