Thursday, July 17, 2014

Pretty & Polished Review

Press Sample

Hi guys!  Today I have two polishes from Pretty & Polished to review for you.  Up first is Contents Under Texture, a sheer pink base loaded with different pink glitters.  On the Pretty & Polished website it says you can build this up in 2-4 coats or layer it.  I went with layering because I wasn't having any luck with building it up.  I put two coats over Zoya Rooney.  This glitter does take a little work because there is so much of it.  Placing it around worked really well on all fingers except my middle finger.  It kind of clumped up and wouldn't move.  I think that was more on me than on the polish.

Next up we have the strongest glow in the dark polish I have ever used.  This is The Glow Must Go On, a sheer pinkish, orangey base with several shapes and sizes of pink glitters.  On the website it says opaque in 2-4 coats.  I ended up layering this over a white polish because at 2 coats it was still super sheer.  This is two coats over white.  I had to work to get this even looking.  The best way I found was to dip the brush in and get the base and smaller glitter and do a layer.  Then I dipped the brush back in and did a second layer.  I got plenty of stars and hearts with the second pass.  Now the best part is the awesome glow in the dark effect.  Seriously you guys I have never been able to get a picture of a gitd polish before.  I got this one and holy moly it's great!

I didn't even have to hold my nails up to the light or anything.  I went outside to take the other pictures then went into a dark bathroom to take the glowing ones.  I scared myself that night when I turned over in my sleep and a flash went by my face.  I was all freaked out until I realized it was my nails haha.

Here's the info you need if you'd like to check out Pretty & Polished for yourself.  While you're there I highly recommend you check out the cuticle oil in the apple smell.  I purchased that myself a while back and seriously it's my favorite cuticle oil right now.  Smells good and works even better.


Have a great night everyone!!


*Polishes sent for review in exchange for my honest opinion.  All opinions are mine.*


  1. Nice glow in the dark! Looks good over the white! I think it would take a good few coats to look good on its own! The first one looks great over the Zoya! :-)

  2. That glow in the dark one is intense! So cool.