Monday, May 14, 2012

Product Reviews from KKcenterHK

Hi and Happy Monday!  Today I have a review of two stamping plates and some water nail decals that I received from  I picked two images off each plate, SPPMB38 and SPPMB32.  I used WnW Black Creme and Konad Special Polish White to stamp over my existing Orly Frisky mani.  The images all came out pretty well.  The splatter image from B38 worked the best.  The little guys from B32 are missing a few spots but that was probably just me.  I can see myself using the splatter image a lot.  I was getting ready to do a pedicure with Zoya Carly and Meg so I tried them out for stamping on my thumb with the splatter image.  I freakin love it.  Carly stamps amazingly well.

Next up I have some more of their awesome water nail decals.  I showed you the star ones here.  Today I have some black and white flower decals, WDBLE899.  Again these are done on top of my Orly Frisky mani.  These are super easy to use, although I do wish they came with some directions.  I checked out a few youtube videos and they helped me out.  Basically cut out the section you want to use, put it in a little bowl of water for a few seconds then place it on your nail.  I love the water decals instead of stickers because they leave some room for error.  You can move them around a bit on the nail for great placement.

All in all I've had great success with the products I've received from  They are having a sale during the month of May for 25% off.  If you order any other time and use the code mylifeinpolish you'll get 10%, through 1/21/2013.  Thanks for stopping by today!


*stamping plates and nail decals were provided for review in exchange for my honest opinion*


  1. I just ordered my first water decals from them and I'm well excited to see how they turn out! Also I really love the splatter print. It will be so versatile, and would look super cool with neons too!

  2. I love the splatter print as well as the your base color!