Monday, August 13, 2012

Zoya Rory and KKcenterHK Printing Mode

Hi Ladies and Gentlemen (there's gotta be at least one right?).  I'm not normally a pink person but I do love foils so I decided to give Zoya Rory a shot.  Oh wow she's so beautiful!  Rory is a bubble gum pink foil polish.  This is two coats but one thicker one would have been fine as well.  On my accent nail I used another printing mode (basically a stencil) from  Click here to see the one I used on their website.    This was super easy to use.  I just stuck it to my hand a few times to remove some sticky then placed it on the nail.  I used Zoya Trixie to fill in the design.  Then you just peel it up, wait for it to dry some and then topcoat it.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

While Zuza is my favorite from the Zoya Surf collection I think Rory is close behind.  What's your favorite from this collection?

Take care,

*Printing mode was sent for review in exchange for my honest opinion*


  1. This is so pretty! Man, I love Zoya!

  2. Oh I love Rory so much! That nail printing thing looks awesome - and easy. <3