Tuesday, October 30, 2012

KKcenterhk Stamping Plate

Good morning!  Are you sick of all the Halloween posts yet?  I love seeing all the creativity in my blog reader.  Today I have a quick review of a stamping plate from kkcenterhk.com.  Here's the link for the plate I used today.  I had mixed results with this one, which is unusual for me.  The plates I've reviewed in the past have all worked well.  The web and the ghost stamped very well.  The pumpkin on my first finger would not come out clear no matter what I did.  It also had that weird smear spot underneath it that I couldn't avoid.  The image on my pinky is supposed to be a witch but no matter how I looked at it I couldn't see a witch.  I honestly wish I had just stamped the web on all my fingers.  I gave their stamper another shot but it wouldn't pick up the images.  Once I switched back to my normal konad stamper the images came up just fine.

I'm in love with the nail color under the stamping.  It just screamed Halloween.  I used China Glaze Orange You Hot? then used the saran wrap method with a black cream, Sinful Colors Black on Black I believe.  I just love the saran wrap method for simple, quick nail art.

I hope you have an awesome Tuesday.  Until next time...

*Stamping plate in this post was sent by the company in exchange for my honest review*

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  1. I totally love the color underneath the stamping too! The orange and black mix is so Halloween. And the stampings are cute too! :-)

    ~ Yun