Thursday, October 3, 2013

Minnie's Cashmere Bathrobe


Good morning!  Today I have a two accent nail mani for you and honestly I'm not sure how I feel about it.  I like both polishes and I like them together but I'm not completely sold on two accent nails.  This is Essie Cashmere Bathrobe with OPI Minnie Style accent nails.  Originally I wasn't going to get Cashmere Bathrobe because even though I love grays, I already have a ton.  When I walked by it at the supply store I just couldn't resist.  Then a lovely nail polish friend of mine send me Minnie Style, with the squares (squeee) and I just knew I had to wear them together.

I had read some complaints about the formula on Cashmere Bathrobe but mine was really good.  Two coats made it perfectly opaque.  It was a bit on the thinner side but applied well.  Minnie Style on the other had was kind of a pain, too much base in relation to the amount of glitter.  I used two coats of Minnie Style but kept getting mostly clear polish on my brush.  There was a learning curve with this one for sure.

All in all this was a good mani, not great but good.  If you own Minnie Style what do you think of it?  Have a great Thursday everyone!



  1. I really like it. I tend to love the way glitter toppers show on grey nails. It just works in most cases. This is no exception.

  2. Thank you! I feel the exact same way about grays. I'm always telling myself to pick out something other than gray for my glitter toppers haha.

  3. I like this combination a lot! Minnie Style is really cute on top of Cashmere Bathrobe. I agree about grays being great for glitter top coats, especially pinks. It's one of my favorite color combinations.

  4. Oh I love them together. I passed on Cashmere Bathrobe when I saw it in person in favor of being sensible and have regretted it ever since.