Thursday, September 29, 2011

Misa Wishing on a Star

Today I have my one and only Misa polish. Wishing on a Star is black with loads of glitter. In the pictures it just looks like silver glitter but there are other colors in there too. There was a lack of sun so the other colors wouldn't come out to play. I absolutely love this polish. It went on in two super easy coats and was really easy to control. My husband walked by while I was putting it on and said "wow that's a really cool color". Usually the only way he notices my nails is if I stuff them in his face and make him look :)

Please excuse the dry skin around my nails, don't know what was happening there.

This is easily one of my favorite polishes now. Misa is kind of hard to come by around here. The only place I can find any is at my favorite little hole in the wall nail supply shop, but after seeing the swatches for their new Surreal Escape collection, I may have to pick up a few more.

Do you own any Misa? What are your favorites?



  1. Wow! I really like that color too! lol. I really like black with colored glitter. My fav type of polish now! =] lol

  2. Thanks! I really love black with glitter as long as you can tell it has glitter in it.