Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Zoya Marina

Oh the loveliness that is Zoya Marina. It's funny, looking at this in the bottle I thought this was an ok color but nothing overly special. Boy was I wrong! This is not just another grayish blue, this is pure awesome. The formula was amazing, as per usual with Zoya. Quick side note, I think I need a thesaurus. I say amazing a lot! Anyway, back to Marina. This was two effortless coats and I had hardly any clean up. Always a plus when I can easily control the polish. I see myself wearing this a lot all year round. Now on to the photos!

Just had to include this one to show the amazing shimmer.

outside, full sun

outside, shade

outside, shade (Please excuse the reflection on my pinky. That's my kids basketball hoop)

Hands down, Zoya is my favorite brand. Charla is my absolute favorite Zoya polish. What's your favorite Zoya?



  1. This color looks great on the subtle shimmer!!

  2. Very pretty! My favorite Zoya is CRYSTAL! You have got to try it if you haven't!