Monday, September 26, 2011

Something Special for Today

Hi Everyone,

Sorry about the radio silence for the last week or so. My son had early out from school all week and that really put a kink in my blogging plans. To make up for it I have something pretty cool today. A while back I won a giveaway from My Blue Lacquer. There were a couple frankens included in that. This is the first one I've tried so far. It is amazing! One of the easiest polishes to apply and control that I've ever used. The only downside is I won't get to wear it a ton because the bottle is little. I think I'll have to use it sparingly. The polish is a steel blue with some yummy, sparkly glitter in it. In most of the photos it's hard to see but I promise it's there.

outside sun

full sun, look at all the colors 8)

outside shade

So what do you think? I am totally in love! Have you ever made a franken? To be honest it scares me a little.


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  1. I've never made a franken but I have a couple polishes I don't wear/like so I'll prolly try it out soon.