Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cult Nails My Kind of Cool Aid


I've never tried Cult Nails before but recently they had a free shipping offer and I'm a sucker for free shipping. So I ordered My Kind of Cool Aid and Wicked Fast Topcoat. MKOCA is a grayed out lavender with a very subtle shimmer. I love this color. It looked amazing, applied great and lasted 5 days before I had time to redo my nails. This is two coats of MKOCA and I used Wicked Fast as my topcoat. Wicked Fast worked so well. I really liked it. I also tried it with a Zoya with not so good results but I think that may have been user error. I tried it later with another brand (can't remember which right now) and it worked really well that time too.

I will definitely be getting more Cult Nails when I can. I really want Clairvoyant, Let Me Fly and they recently said they may be releasing Captivated again. Can't wait!

mostly sunny

partly cloudy as you can see :)

I love trying new brands, especially when they turn out to be this great! What's your favorite brand?

Have a great day!


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! I like drugstore brands tho because they are cheap and i can gets lots of bottles instead of just one lol I would have to say mine is Sinful Colors =]

  2. Thanks! I love drug store brands too. I can't wait to find the two new colors from Sinful Colors from the Destination America (not sure if that's the right name). They look so awesome.

  3. I adore cult nails. The formula is always great.