Friday, October 28, 2011

Wet N Wild Back Alley Deals

outside sun
The other day my older son and I stopped in to Walgreens to kill some time. Of course this means we must look at all the new nail polish displays. We came across the new Wet N Wild glitters that just came out. We picked out two, the dark purple and the dark blue. Today I have Carter's pick, Back Alley Deals. This is a really pretty purple and pink glitter polish. It was a HUGE pain in the rear to work with. There is definitely a learning curve here and I am at the bottom. I tried it by itself first but after 3 coats I still wasn't satisfied. So I layered 2 coats of BAD (haha) over Sinful Colors I Love you. I Love You is pretty sheer but since I was layering it didn't matter. The end result is pretty but I had weird shrinkage and wrinkling on my right hand. Alright, enough babbling! Here are the pictures.

outside shade
So what do you think? I'll have to try the other one and see if it's any easier to work with. So far though, I'm glad I only bought these two. Have a great day!
indirect sun light