Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Zoya Tao

I'm sure I've said it 100 times but I love gray nail polish and Zoya Tao is no exception. This is two coats of sheer perfection. I like that this has some shimmer to it but isn't very in your face about it. Does that make any sense at all? I may even wear this to my husbands corporate work party in a few weeks. It's like prom for adults. We get all dressed up and eat fancy food while listening to people give speeches. My dress is black so I think Tao would be a great choice. I'll probably go with something that has a little more color for my toes. If you guys have any suggestions I would love to hear them.

outside sun

outside sun to show the awesome shimmer

outside shade

I think the shade pictures show the color at its most accurate and the sun pictures show the amazing shimmer. I just love this polish!

What's your favorite gray polish? Wait maybe you shouldn't tell me. I'll probably just run out and buy it :)



  1. I've had this one for a while and never tried it, but going to dust it off now and give it a try!

  2. Lauren go try it right away! I hope you love it too :)