Monday, January 9, 2012

China Glaze Kinetic Candy and Essie Shine of the Times

Hi Lovelies,

I recently took a trip to my favorite nail supply store and he had a display of the new China Glaze Electro Pop collection. I only picked up one, Kinetic Candy. The only other one I considered was Electric Beat but my sister bought it so I figure I can just use hers. I had trouble with the formula on this one. It was weirdly streaky and didn't want to level out. I wasn't too worried though because I knew I was going to layer Essie Shine of the Times on top. Such an amazing combo! I loved it. The swatch of Kinetic Candy is two coats with no topcoat. Cleanup wasn't great because I knew I wasn't done yet.

Pretty color but see all that streaking.

I will definitely have to give this color another shot. Maybe it was just me. I think the right topcoat may have leveled it all out. I love Seche Vite for that reason but I hate all the shrinkage it gives. What is your favorite topcoat?

Take care,


  1. That's a shame it's so streaky. I love light blues! It looks great with flakies though. :)

  2. Flakies are a good cure for streaks!! So pretty!

  3. Thank you both! The flakies definitely saved this mani.