Monday, January 16, 2012

Guest Post: Using Nail Polish to Beat Cancer

Today I have a special post about a topic that has touched many of us. I was recently contacted by Jackie from the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance. Cancer can be devestating on so many levels. Nail polish and care can be used to make women feel like they have some control. I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed posting.

Using Nail Polish to Beat Cancer

By: Jackie Clark

A cancer diagnosis can be a terrifying thing for many women. It can often feel like a death sentence when your prognosis is mesothelioma, lung cancer, breast cancer or even leukemia. Struggling to get past these conditions can lead to serious stress and even depression. Having a poor attitude or being depressed may even contribute to your disease getting worse.

You must stay strong and powerful throughout your disease. One way that many women may think is silly, naive or ineffective is to focus on fashion and especially your nails. Focusing on something so seemingly trivial to get your mind off of your cancer diagnosis. However, this action can help boost your spirits and get you ready to fight back against cancer.

Painting your nails can help you feel beautiful in your skin. Feeling beautiful will boost your mood, improve your confidence and help focus yourself against beating cancer. This is especially true if you paint your nails with friends and family members. Try to make a habit out of getting together with your friends and family and having a "nail polishing" party.

Select colors that look great with your skin tone and your outfit. Apply the nail polish evenly and lightly to look as tasteful as possible. However, you can also look less tasteful if that will boost your mood. Go wild with your nails and get multiple colors on each hand. Look as serious or as silly as you want. Nail polish can easily be removed so you can try again.

Don't neglect the calming effect that manicures can have on your body and mind. A manicure carefully restructures your nails, making them look more beautiful than they looked before. Get regular manicures to make your nails look perfect and beautiful.

After your manicure, make sure your nails get cleaned and well polished. Polishing manicured nails makes them look even better. Get a professional nail polish job if you want them to look pristine if that is the mood you are in that day. Try to keep your nails well maintained and polished during all of your treatment process.

Whether you paint your own nails or get a manicure these simple yet calming action can make you feel strong and beautiful—this is really the key to getting over cancer. Looking and feeling beautiful in your skin gives you a focus and confidence that is going to be necessary as your treatment progresses.


I hope you all have a great day and remember it's the little things that sometimes make the biggest difference.


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