Tuesday, February 28, 2012

China Glaze Smoke and Ashes

First I should say that I am a huge Hunger Games fan. I've read the trilogy a few times and just love it. So when it was announced that China Glaze was doing a Hunger Games collection I knew I'd have to have most of them. Today I have Smoke and Ashes to show you. It is an amazing black glass fleck with blue/green shimmer in the right light. The formula was outstanding as well. Two coats made it perfect. You might be able to get away with one thicker coat if you are careful. I added Luxe and Lush, a mylar flakie, to the accent finger. Love! I don't really know that my photos are doing this polish justice but trust me, it is gorgeous. Check it out!

This last photo was taken in the sun. The others were in the shade. I honestly liked how this looked in the shade better.

So have you read the Hunger Games? If you have, do you have any other books to recommend that I may like just as much? Can't wait to show you guys the rest that I've picked up. Have a great day!