Sunday, July 22, 2012

Zoya Gaia & kkcenterhk Water Decals


Hey Lacquer Lovers!  Sorry about the mini break in blog posts.  To kick start things tonight I have a manicure that I could wear everyday.  I adore white polishes.  This is three coats of Zoya Gaia.  Gaia is a sheer but build-able white with tons of gold shimmer.  It's soft, delicate and girly.  Hahaha not things I usually go for in a nail color.  I recently got some new water decals from  I just knew they would be perfect with Gaia.  These decals are super easy to use.  Just cut out the section you want, take off the top plastic then put it in some water.  After that the decal should come right off the backing.  The great thing about water decals is there is wiggle room.  You can slide the decal around until it's where you want it to be.  Dry it off then topcoat.  Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy as my 4 year old would say.


The decals can be found at by clicking here.  The product code is WDBLE317.  If you pick up some decals or any of the other products use code mylifeinpolish to save 10%.

Talk with you soon :)


*Decals were provide for review in exchange for my honest opinions*

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  1. This is amazingly simple, beautiful and very neat. I love the decals.