Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Finger Paints You Yacht To Know Better

Good evening!  Today's polish is Finger Paints You Yacht To Know Better with an accent of Our Tips Are Tealed.  You Yacht is a gorgeous blue with little teal sparkles that sadly I just couldn't get a good picture of.  Makes me sad because this polish is a stunner in person.  Finger Paints can be super hit or miss for me so I was pleasantly surprised on how great this applied.  Two coats made it perfect.  Our Tips are Tealed also applied great at two coats.  Both pictures have topcoat.

I really adored this mani.  The accent nail really picked up the little teal sparkles in the main color.  I wore this awhile back so that's why my nails are so short, even for me.  I will definitely be wearing both of these again.

Have a great night!


*I purchased these polishes myself.  I finally found a Sally's that puts things out early regularly.  Yay!

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