Monday, September 9, 2013

Hit Polish Nail Lacquer Sunset Over Sedona

Hi everyone!  Today I have a polish that I would have purchased for the name alone but ended up being a gorgeous polish too.  Mr. MLiP took me hiking in Sedona in the rain, many, many years ago and proposed.  Best hiking trip ever!  So when I saw Hit Polish was going to release a polish named Sunset Over Sedona I had to have it.  I decided to layer this over black because I really wanted to see the burgundy shimmer pop out.  The glitter combo just screams sunset over the Red Rocks.  This is two coats of Sunset Over Sedona over a black cream with topcoat.  Just like always the formula was perfect.


 I really love this polish!  I actually am still wearing it as I type this.  I may have to pick up a full size of this one.  I've got some other layering combos in mind to try out.  It just makes me so happy that a sentimental purchase turned out to be a gorgeous polish.  If you'd like to check out Hit Polish for yourself click here and it'll go over to the shop's site.  I hope you all have a fabulous day!

Until next time...


*I purchased this polish (and if we're being honest, 4 others and a mystery box) with my very own money.  I had to clean at least two houses to make the money for this purchase.  Totally worth it!*

Bonus pic!  I can't find any of my Sedona pics so I took this one off the internet.  So pretty!


  1. Gorgeous glitter! I actually just got my first two polishes in the mail from Hit Polish. They are awesome.