Tuesday, September 3, 2013

LA Girl Electric Coral

Good morning!  Today I have LA Girl Electric Coral for you.  When I went to San Diego in May I dragged my poor family into a bunch of Rite Aids since we don't have them here and this is one of the many polishes I bought.  Electric Coral is a orange jelly with glitter and some holo sparkle.  I was surprised by how easy to use this formula is.  Jellys and I don't always get along so I was expecting some trouble.  This is three coats for opacity with topcoat on top.  Bonus is this polish was so easy to remove.  No scrubbing at the glitter or foil or anything.

If you look at the blurry nails in this photo you can see some of the holo sparkle.  Overall this polish was a major win for me.  Can't wait to try the other colors I have.  I hope you all have an awesome day!


1 comment:

  1. Such a pretty color! Love the holo sparkle to it a lot :)