Thursday, June 19, 2014

Barielle Keys Collection for Summer 2014

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Hey lovely readers!  Today I have the Keys Collection from Barielle for Summer 2014.  Let's jump right in with my favorite polish.  This amazing orange is Hawaiian Sunset.  This is three coats and the formula is really easy to control.  This polish just glows, so gorgeous!

Next up is Topless in St Tropez, a gorgeous coral.  This polish acts like a cream but has a pretty shimmer.  I added some half moons using Panama Pina Colada, also from this collection.  Topless took two coats and was very easy to work with.

Next up is Barefoot in Bermuda, a lovely hot pink.  This is two coats and topvcoat.  The formula on this one was good as well.  Pretty much the great quality cream application that I've come to expect from Barielle.

This is Paradise in the Tropics, a slightly deeper pink that the previous polish.  The formula on this one was runnier than the normal Barielle cream formula.  I had a bit of clean up to do after applying this one.

Next we have Miami Heat, a red jelly.  This is three coats and top coat.  In the shade it looks looks pretty opaque but in the sun you can see the squishy, jellyness of it.

Last polish of the collection was a surprise favorite for me, as yellow isn't normally my thing.  This is Panama Pina Colada.  Three coats and top coat made it nice and even.

So there you have it!  A collection of very pretty polishes from Barielle for summer.  There are some great summer pedicure colors here for sure.  You can purchase Barielle here and give them a like on facebook to keep up to date with new releases and sales.

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*Polishes were provided for my honest review.*


  1. Those are some nice colors for the summer!

  2. What a nice collection! I love that orange, what a shimmer - so golden and lovely :-)