Friday, June 6, 2014

Sally Hansen Color Foils

*Press Sample*

Good morning everyone!  Today I have three of the new Sally Hansen Color Foils to show you.  These were sent to me from the pr company and I'm so excited to show you.  The directions for these polishes say to not use base coat or top coat.  When I first put on one of these I must have had some cuticle oil on my nail because the polish wouldn't stick to my nail.  So I took it off, wiped down my nails really thoroughly with remover and started over.  Much better results!  Each polish is shown with two coats.  Each one has two sun pictures and one shade pictures.  When you first put them on they look a bit brush strokey but once they dry that goes away.  The hard part is because there is no base coat you see every imperfection of the nail bed.  One amazing thing about these is the dry time.  These dried so, so fast.

First up is Purple Alloy.

My second pick is Minted Metal.

My favorite of the bunch is Cobalt Chrome.

All in all I liked these a lot more than I was expecting too.  They are a bit finicky but if you are patient I think they are worth it.  I'm curious to see how well these stamp.  They are opaque enough for sure but because they dry so dang quickly they may not work super well.  I'll have to check it out and get back to you guys.  

Have a great Friday!


*Polishes provided by the pr company in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are 100% mine.*


  1. Wow these look fantastic! I really like them. Fingers crossed they arrive in Scotland soon :-)

  2. These are just THE coolest things and I want to pick up a couple (or a few), but they skeer me a little. I've got to figure out a basecoat that'll work. They look fabulous on you, especially that purple ♥♥♥

  3. They really look like foil on your nails. Great swatches of them.

  4. I think some of Minted Metal was misbottled. I tried to get it today but opened it to check the brush, and it was BLUE in the bottle. Not even a little green! Hopefully I can find someone to swap it for another color! I was really looking forward to a green...

    Looking up swatches of Minted Metal makes it look like there are two versions, too. Some people describe it as mint and others say "this isn't green to me at all; it looks blue". Gah!

  5. I really want to pick up this set. I saw a water marble using these on another blog.It was absolutely gorgeous!