Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Orly Go Deeper


Good morning!  How was your long weekend?  We had a great, relaxing weekend here.  That's my favorite kind.  Today I have a polish that I've been wanting since I first saw a swatch of it a while back.  Someone described it as a toned down teal version of Across the Universe (but I can't remember who).  I knew it had to be mine but I couldn't find it anywhere.  Even online it only came up on Orly's website and was over $10 with shipping.  I'm not sure that it's been released yet to regular retailers.  My friend, Heartfully, Janelle, offered to look while at one of our favorite nail supply stores and they had it.  So freakin excited and it was cheap.  So take a look.  This is two coats of Go Deeper over one coat of China Glaze Custom Kicks.  This polish really changes depending on what you put it over.  I tried it on a wheel over Zoya Ibiza and it looks like a completely different polish.


Major swoon going on over here.  I love this polish so much.  What do you think of the Orly Glam FX that have been coming out?  I have a few but this is my favorite.  Have a great Tuesday!



  1. This is so pretty! I just love these jelly sandwich in a bottle polishes. <3

    1. That's exactly it! Jelly sandwiches in a bottle. Love that.

  2. This is gorgeous! I've really been getting addicted to glitter polishes but I have so many that need swatched I am currently on a no-buy :-(

  3. This is SO you, and it's going on my wishlist right now.

  4. This is really super nice looking! I had not heard about Go Deeper, and I love me some Orly! Onto the wishlist with this!

  5. Oh no!! I didn't need this till just now! So pretty <3 I LOVE the depth of the glitter too. I thought it was just another glitter but I'm fairly certain I was wrong.