Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Essie Bikini So Teeny


Every now and again I put on a polish and am completely blown away.  This happened with Essie Bikini So Teeny.  I had passed on this color so many times because I thought it was just another boring blue cream.  I'm happy to say I was so wrong, so very wrong.  I finally picked it up from a blog sale and I'm in love.  Bikini So Teeny has a very subtle shimmer that isn't really noticeable on the nail but it does give this awesome color great depth.  Bikini is a pale blue that manages to be very vibrant.  It does pull a little to the purple side of things.  This is three thin coats.  After two I still had a few patchy spots.


Mr. MLiP took the first picture in the shade because the nail decal came out better on my right hand.  I can't operate the camera very well with my left hand.  The decal on my left hand had a bit of an issue.  It folded up on itself when I was putting it on and caused that weird break in the line.  It was completely user error.  I love these water decals from  I like that they don't stick up like nail stickers.  Here's the link for the decals I used this time.  Don't forget to use the code mylifeinpolish to save 10% if you order from them.

Have you ever passed on a polish repeatedly just to realize that you should have bought it right away?  Have a great day!