Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My First Attempt at Fimo

 Hi everyone!  Tonight I have my first attempt with fimo.  I was sent the flower fimo slices from to review.  I wasn't quite sure how to do it, so I decided to wing it.  The fimo came already sliced up because I really didn't want to risk cutting off my fingers.  Click here to see the ones I got.  They are pretty consistantly cut.  Some were a hair thinner than others.  The white one wanted to curl a but because it was so thin.  So I put on a layer of topcoat then placed the slice.  What I didn't know was if I should put a layer of topcoat over it to stick it down more.  If you know how to do this properly please leave me a comment and tell me how.

 The polish I'm wearing is Sation Under the Miss-tletoe.  It's from their new holiday collection.  This is three coats.  It's a little hard to work with because it has a jelly like finish but the formula was a tad thick.  The color is so cool though.  I think next time I may try just two coats over black.

The jury is still out as to wether or not I actually like fimo.  Feels a little weird with something sticking off my nails.  This is not a reflection on the product itself, just my weirdness.  Thanks for stopping by.  Have a great night!


*Fimo was sent for review.  Polish was purchased by me*

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