Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Born Pretty Store Nail Foils

Press Sample

Hello!  Today I have a review of some nail foils that I received from Born Pretty Store.  I was really excited for these because I like the cool look they give.  There is quite a learning curve with these.  There are directions on but they never tell you which side to put down on the nail.  Luckily some awesome girls in a nail group were able to answer my questions.  FYI, the colorful side goes up and the plain side goes on the nail.

The directions say to put on your base color, I used China Glaze Elephant Walk, then when the polish is slightly tacky to put the foil on and press down on it then remove the foil from the nail.  No matter how many times I tried I just kept pulling my base color up.  So instead I put on my color and used a quick dry topcoat.  The next morning I put on a layer of regular topcoat, let it dry just a bit then used the nail foil.  I had much better luck this way.

So what do you think of foils?  I know I could never make it cover the whole nail but I like the cool effect this gives.  I do want to play with these some more to try and get better.  I will be sure to post more pictures when I do.  If you'd like to check out Born Pretty Store click here and if you'd like to go directly to the foils click here.  Remember there is a 10% discount code off to the right.  If you decide to try these remember to keep your patience.  Have a great day!

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*The foils were sent to me in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are 100% mine.*


  1. That's cool i didn't kniw what foil nails looked like. vety cool.

  2. It adds such a cool effect to the manicure! :)

  3. How very odd...all my foils that I use come with a separate bottle of adhesive! I really prefer it because then the foil only sticks to those areas...

    1. I'll have to find some that work that way. Sounds much easier. Where did you get yours?

    2. I buy mine off Dollar Nail Art (it is a super cheapie website!) & it actually comes free. Plus the foils are 5 ft long for only a buck which is pretty ridiculous!

    3. Sweet! I'll go check it out. Thanks!