Monday, August 19, 2013

OPI You're Such a Budapest

Hey all!  Today's polish is one I wanted for so long but never picked up.  I took part in a secret swap and my lovely swap partner sent this gorgeous polish to me.  Budapest is the most perfect light purple color with a slight shimmer.  The second picture shows that shimmer a bit.  It's pretty hidden but it does help give a depth to this polish that makes it more than a plain cream.  I added Maybelline Clearly Spotted as an accent nail.

Both pictures were taken in early morning sunlight.  The shade pictures did not turn out at all so none of those today.  I hope you all have a wonderful Monday.  Talk with you soon!



  1. This is really pretty! Budapest is a gorgeous polish period. :)

  2. Buda-pest is ridiculously pretty, certainly one of my faves fr OPI EC :) And I think it's fun to see polishes "out of order," it mixes up the monotony a bit!

    1. Heeeey, where's yer disclaimer?! ;D

    2. I'm feeling such a lack of creativity and funniness. I feel lucky to still be blogging.

  3. I love this polish. I just put it on my daughter's nails for her start of kindergarten mani for school tomorrow, and I'm about to put it in my own nails. I adore this shade!