Friday, August 30, 2013

Orly Pink Flakie Topcoat

Good morning!  Today I have something cool to show you.  Orly has two new flakie topcoats and today I have the Pink Flakie Topcoat for you.  These aren't just your average flakie polishes, they dry matte.  Pretty neat huh?  So this is one coat of Pink Flakie Topcoat over Barielle Tres Chic (from their upcoming fall collection.  I'll have this next week for you).  Tres Chic is a super dark, navy blue cream.  On one had I put my base polish then a layer of the Orly.  This combo didn't want to dry for me so I added a quick dry topcoat.  On the other hand, the one you are seeing today, I put on my base color then quick dry topcoat.  After a bit I put a coat of the Orly on top and it dried super quick.  From now on that's how I'll go about applying this one.

Both of the pictures were in the shade.  It just showed to flakies better.  I wish I was better at taking pictures of my other hand so I could show you the shiny version.  I've tried to take pictures with my left hand before but I just can't seem to get the hang of it.  What do you think?  Do you still like flakies or are you over them?  I thought I was over them but apparently I just needed a break.  Must be time to pull out my Clairvoyant and Twisted and do some manis.

Talk to you soon,


*I had a few minutes to kill before lunch the other day and stuck my head into a Sally's I don't normally go to.  Bad idea, man.  She had all the new displays up.  5 polishes later I left the store.*


  1. I love flakies so this collection is totally something I'm eying! :)

  2. Very pretty! I wonder how these compare to a lot of the other flakies we've seen from FingerPaints, Nfuoh and Zoya.