Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Born Pretty Store Stamper Review

*Press Sample*

Hello!  Today I have a review of a stamper from Born Pretty Store.  The stamper was sent for review.  I purchased all the polishes and plates used today.  The stamper is a rectangular, which I love.  It's not as hard as my konad stamper but not anywhere as squishy as my xl stamper.  I used two of Rica's stamping polishes, light purple and pink.  As you can see I have some incomplete images on my nails.  Two things caused this, one, you have to roll the stamper across the nail.  Just pressing straight down didn't work like it does with my squishy stamper.  Second, the stamper was having trouble picking up full images.  You can see that most of my images are missing the very edge.  No matter what I tried I couldn't get nice crisp edges.

I'm not ready to give up on this rectangle stamper.  I really want it to work for me.  So I'm going to keep practicing and see if it's me or the stamper.  Born Pretty has a ton of different nail art items.  Click here to check out the shop and here to go right to the stamper.  The code FEMJ61 will save you 10% on regular priced items.  I hope you all have a great day!

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*Stamper provided for review in exchange for my honest opinion.*


  1. Nice review on this stamper! Maybe try filing the stamper a bit with a regular nail file? I have a stamper from Born Pretty Store and I noticed that it doesn't pick up the images perfectly so I filed the surface a bit with a nail file and that seems to help.

  2. Nice stamping. I like the colours you've used :-)