Saturday, July 27, 2013

Bettina Orchidea

Hey guys!  Quickie post for ya today.  This is Bettina Orchidea, basically the perfect light mint color.  Bettina makes great creams and this was no exception, two coats and topcoat shown here.  I used chevron decals from Make It Stick on my accent nail.

I think my accent nail kinda looks like an easter egg.  I'm not convinced that's a good thing in this case.  The bubbles on my nail are from my topcoat.  Not sure what happened there.

Have a great day!


*This polish was purchased by me after trying to get the folks at Bettina to respond to my emails for 3 months.  It is so worth it.*


  1. Its a pretty light blue! Love it with your accent nail as well :)

  2. i like the chevron! very pretty :)