Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Picture Polish Whimsy

Good morning!  Today I have my very first Picture Polish.  I've heard great things about this brand and have wanted to try it for a long time.  I finally broke down and bought Whimsy.  Oh my wow!  This polish is so so pretty in real life.  It looks good in the photos but in person it's amazing.  This is three coats of Whimsy and topcoat.  When I put the first coat on I thought I was going to be so disappointed in this polish.  Second coat still didn't have me convinced but the third one made it perfect.

It's just so pretty!  I wore this a while back so my nails are a bit shorter than what I showed you the other day.  Honestly in a few weeks you'll probably be seeing nails this length from me all the time.  I'm changing jobs and it's going to be pretty hard on my nails, so shorter will be better for me.  Anyway, what is your favorite Picture Polish?  I picked up Paradise on a blog sale recently but I really want some more.  Have a great day!


*I bought this polish myself.  It's amazing how things on Llarowe's site just jump in my cart.*


  1. This is really beautiful. I don't have a blue like this, but I think I need one, LOL...

    1. This is definitely a must have. Thanks!

  2. Lovely color for your first! :)