Thursday, July 18, 2013

Elevation Hig & Hit Polish Mirage

Good morning lovely readers!  Today I have two indie polishes for you that are a perfect match for each other.  I started with Elevation Polish Hig, a lovely teal metallic polish and then added an accent nail of Hit Polish Nail Lacquer Mirage, a neutral tan base with a variety of glitters including teal.  Mirage complimented Hig perfectly.  Both polishes were great quality.  Hig took three coats (I believe, I know, I'm a bad blogger) and Mirage took two.

Aren't these two just perfect together?  I don't know that I could wear Mirage as a full mani just because I'm not a huge neutral wearer but I have many polishes that it will compliment nicely.

Until next time...


*I bought both these polishes myself.  You all know of my love affair with Hit Polish so I won't tell you all about it again.  Just kidding yes I will.  Hit Polish is awesome and you should all go get some.*


  1. I love your accent nail! What a fun manicure!

    1. Thank you! I love a good accent nail.

  2. Its gorgeous together! Your combinations are always so pretty :)