Thursday, July 25, 2013

Julep Etta

Hello lovely readers!  Today I have a polish to show you that was picked out by my 10 year old.  He loves green so I think that's why this one was picked.  This is Julep Etta, a lovely light green metallic polish.  This has a foil finish look to it that is just one of my favorite finishes.  This is three coats of Etta with topcoat.  Sometimes polish can get gloopy with this many coats but that was not the case here.  Super easy to work with.

I just love how soft and delicate this green is.  I can also see this being a great base for glitters.  I will definitely be wearing this again.  I know people either love or hate Julep for some reason.  Overall I've really enjoyed the polishes of theirs I've worn.

Have a great day!


*This polish was purchased by me using my own money.  I could buy more polish if they started taking monopoly money though.*