Sunday, January 26, 2014

Race Day Nails

Good morning!  Yesterday I (mostly) ran my very first 5K.  This is a super big deal to me because I've never been a runner.  In my efforts to drop some weight I've taken to running and am really beginning to love it.  I participated in The Color Run with my very best friend and one of my little sisters.  Honestly my sister ran more than a 5K because she kept running ahead and then would come back to us.

I knew I wanted really fun nails for this event.  The Blerch is a comic on The Oatmeal about why the artist runs long distances.  It's hilarious and so true for me.  I run because I like feeling strong and empowered yes, but mostly because I like to eat.  If you've never read it you should go check it out.  The Blerch was made for me by a lovely lady in one of my nail facebook groups.  She makes amazing quality glitter toppers for fun.  It's too bad she doesn't have an indie brand.  They are really nice.  So anyway, The Blerch has black stars, green circles and a bunch of holo glitters.  So sparkly!  I layered one coat over Layla Softouch 06 (no idea if this polish has an actual name or not).

I'm still wearing and loving this mani today.  I took a cell phone picture after we were done running but my hands didn't look all colorful and fun like my friends.  I looked like I had been digging in dirt and you don't need to see that.  Here's a shot after we ran.  I'm in the middle.  Sorry for the word heavy post but I'm super proud and excited to have met this goal for myself.

Don't worry about that lost looking child in the background.  He belongs to me :)

Until next time my friends...



  1. Yay you!! It's a huge accomplishment and running is the best. Congrats on your first and what a great polish to commemorate! ♥

  2. Pretty combination and congrats on your accomplishment!