Saturday, January 4, 2014

SinfulColors Review

Hello!  I have a review of four polishes from SinfulColors today.  Two are from the Holiday Tinsel collection and two are from the Sheer Lustre Glitter Topcoat collection.  Let's start with the Holiday Tinsel polishes.  First we have Cold as Ice, white bars in a clear base.  Cold as Ice is layered over SinfulColors Sweet Nothing.  I got all this glitter in one coat.  The bars laid flat and were smooth with one coat of topcoat.  Both pictures are in overcast conditions.  No sun that day.

Next up is Spiked Ice, black bars in a clear base, layered over SinfulColors Sweet Tooth.  Formula and application was just like Cold as Ice.  First is a sun photo, then a shade photo.

Now I have two polishes from the Sheer Lustre Glitter Topcoat collection.  The first one is Glittery in Pink layered over SinfulColors Slate.  This is one coat of Glittery in Pink.  Super glitter payoff and it was easily smoothed with one coat of topcoat.  This one did not want to be photographed.  Again first is a sun photo, then a shade photo.

Lastly is Girl's Best Friend over SinfulColors Black on Black.  This is mostly small pink glitters with sparse purple ones.  Amazing glitter payoff in just one coat.  You might be able to build this up and wear it alone.  Sun photo first then a shade photo.

So what do you think?  I'm really impressed with the formula of these glitters.  They went on smooth and even.  I love when a drugstore brand delivers high quality results.  You can find SinfulColors on facebook here.  Give them a like and you'll be kept up to date on all the new releases.

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*Some of the polishes in this post were sent to me by the pr company in exchange for me honest review.  As always all opinions are totally mine.*

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  1. Great colors from Sinful Colors! They look so pretty :)