Friday, February 14, 2014

Polish Addict Nail Color Violets are Blue


Hey all!  Happy Valentines Day.  So this is about as close to a Valentines theme mani as I'll get.  I actually wore this mani last week for six days.  That must be some sort of record.  It honestly had very little chipping and tip wear for being worn that long.  So today we have Polish Addict Nail Color (PANC) Violets are Blue with a Roses are Red accent nail.  I used three coats of each polish plus topcoat.  Best part of this pretty glitter polish?  It's a thermal!  My very first one.  It is darker while cold then lightens up as it warms up.  So freakin cool!  I decided to add a heart using a red cream so I would have a Vday mani to post today.  I used NailVinyls heart shape for the guide.  They are the best, easiest way to make shapes or lines and what not.


The glitter combo in Violets are Blue is really unique.  I knew when I saw the teaser pics I was going to order it right away.  If I was going to wear a mani for 6 days I'm glad it was this one.  You guys can check out PANC on facebook and here is the shop.

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  1. Pretty! Love the little heart too. Happy Valentine's Day!