Friday, January 11, 2013

Sation Seriously Slate & Tall Dark and Has Some

Hi everyone!  This post was supposed to be up earlier but between sick kids, a sick husband and trying to take care of them all, I can't seem to get back into a regular blogging schedule.  Today I have two Sation polishes that I picked up at TJ Maxx.  This is two coats of Seriously Slate, a very pretty shimmery dark gray, and two coats of Tall Dark and Has Some on my accent nail.  Seriously Slate was pretty easy to apply.  I'm still learning how to use the jelly like finish of the lastest Sations I've picked up.  The brush on these is wide so I have a little trouble getting clean lines around my cuticle.  Tall Dark and Has Some is so cool you guys.  It's a lightly tinted blue base with black and blue shreds and some little glitters thrown in for good measure.

I'm still loving all these new Sations.  The glitters they've released have an indie feel to them without the indie price tag.  Do you have a favorite Sation?  Mine would definitely be Oh My Oceania.

Have a great Friday!


*I bought these polishes while creeping out some lady because I had to stand kinda close to her at the checkout to look at the polishes*


  1. Nice disclaimer, lolol. You get some good Sations at your TJ Maxx! I haven't seen anything I'm over the moon about at mine, yet, but I'm always stalking, lol.

    1. I've found a few good ones at TJ. Helps that my supply store has a good selection too.

  2. I seriously laugh aloud at your disclaimers every time! BAHAHA! :)