Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Cult Nails Disciplined

Hello!  Happy Wednesday.  Another quickie post for you today.  I'm completely in love with gray polishes so I knew I'd love Cult Nails Disciplined from the beginning.  Disciplined is a sheer gray with pink, blue and purple shimmer.  It's buildable to a point but as you can see I still have a bit of vnl after four coats.  I think next time I'll put Zoya Dove or Carey under it.  Sheerness aside I freakin love this polish.  My accent nail is Dollish Polish Girls Rule, Boys Drool.  The Dollish is made up of pink and purple matte glitters.  It was a limited edition but I'd be willing to bet it's pretty similar to Ninja Polish Girly Floam if you're interested.

Again not my best pictures but the sun has been inconsistant at best.  What do you think of this combination?  I really like it and want to wear it again soon with some underpants :)

Have a great day!


*I bought this polish all by myself.*