Monday, January 14, 2013

Zoya Aurora

Good morning and happy Monday!  Other than this mani I'm showing you today I didn't do much this weekend.  My youngest has two ear infections and our weather was freakishly cold, for us anyway, so we stayed in.  Today I have Zoya Aurora with an accent nail of Zoya Storm.  Aurora is just gorgeous.  It was perfect in just two coats.  In the sun this mani was amazingly sparkly.  You can see some of that sparkly in the sun picture.

So even though Zoya Logan is still my favorite from the Ornate collection, Aurora is next in line.  Do you have a favorite from the Ornate collection?  Have a great day!


*I bought this polish for myself using a coupon.  The coupon savings payed for my first Layla.*


  1. *Sigh* I will always love both of these colors. I've been waiting for Storm in my Zoya three free for awhile now...

  2. Very pretty. I wold have gotten some Ornates if I would have taken advantage of the sale...but I stuck to my guns and didn't get anything. I'm still sad about it though.

  3. Aurora and Storm were a match made in heaven! SO GORGEOUS!

  4. Looks fantastic! I have both of these, and have yet to use them. Oops!

    I hope your youngest feels better soon!